Tania Wursig

Tania Wursig is a Sydney and Tahiti based artist. Tania Wursig’s work is predominantly a celebration of life with an exotic, ‘island bohemian’ flavour, flamboyant colour palette and strong cultural influences that span from, in her earlier works, the Gypsy caves of Granada to, more recently, the islands of Polynesia. A graduate of Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in fashion and textile design, this artist’s unique style combines her distinctive compositions with the textural possibilities of painting on fabrics and other textural surfaces ranging from vintage damasks, lace, wall paper, traditional Tahitian Pareu, coconut husk, Manga comics and various other ephemera collected on her travels.
“I’m fascinated by the amalgamation of textiles and other textures with painting. The fabrics or ‘grounds’ I choose give the works an added dimension that’s difficult to achieve with paint alone. I tend to choose these ‘grounds’ depending on the subject to add a symbolic relevance to the composition. Further they allow me to flirt with light and shade so that the shadows play across the canvas, sometimes revealing and other times obscuring details to add intensity to the narrative.”
For example when using the Tahitian Pareu in her paintings this artist sees it as a metaphor for  the ‘blood’ or cultural heritage of her subjects. Wursig intends this to be read literally as the ‘thread’ that connects the modern Tahitians to their ancestors and their way of life.

Controlling the translucency of her brush strokes reveals the motifs of the pareu beneath the skin inspiring the viewer look deeper.

Her dynamic career as a professional painter has taken her all over the world, including residencies in Paris and Barcelona, an invitation to the International Artists’ Symposium in Budapest, commission work in Maui, Hawaii and an on going annual 2-3 month painting residency in Tahiti which she now refers to as her second home.
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