David Porteus

David Porteus is a Melbourne based photographer who creates thought provoking conceptual works that comment of different issues in society. In 2015 David was selected to exhibit two of his works at the La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, which then toured the world as part of the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change. David’s current exhibition “Pretty Ugly Butterfly” features a series of symmetrical portraits that explore beauty, symmetry and our unconscious bias. Each work has been displayed in a antique oval glass style frame, emphasising this idealistic beauty from an early painted portrait or early 20th Century static studio photograph. Initially my work was minimalist landscapes with collage cut-outs. After I asked a friend to model for me I recognised the value of figurative works, particularly for a conceptual series like mine have become. The latest series has included a stylist and a painter for surrealist backdrops, which inspired by my landscapes.

Dead Fish – Hell Pixie and Snapper This work is part of a series exploring our shared tenancy and genetic history with marine life. We are living on islands, lifeboats on a planet that is 71% water, 94% of life is aquatic but most of that is not even named or classified. Over 300 million years ago some fish developed legs and crawled onto the land, eventually evolving into many lifeforms, including humans. Renowned seamstress ‘Hell Pixie’ holds a market bought Snapper at Altona Beach, Melbourne.

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