Barbara Licha

Artist Barbara Licha says of her galvanised wire with metal frame work: “Describes the contemporary individual surrounded by the magnitude of everyday emotions.”
“Everything about people interests me. The complexity of people’s behaviour has always intrigued me, and inspired me to visually express the range of emotion we see in the human condition.   I explore the parallels between ordinary people that I come across in real life and the people that reside in my imagination, my own representations of emotion. “
Born in Poland, came to Australia 1982
1989 – Graduate Diploma Fine Art- at the City Art Institute, (painting) Sydney, Australia
1985-88 – BA City Art Institute, Sydney, Australia
1979-81 – Graphic and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, Poland
2015 – Waverly Council Mayor’s Prize 2015 Sculpture by The Sea, Bondi
2015 – Sea Staff Pick, the best sculpture at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi
2017 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, NSW
2017 Sculpture in the Garden, Mudgee, NSW
2017 Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, WA
2016 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, NSW
2016 Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, WA
2015 Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, NSW
2015 30 Years/30 Artists/30 Works, Brenda May Gallery, NSW
2015 Sculpture by The Sea, Bondi 2015, NSW
2015 Just Paper, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW
2015 Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW
2014 Hidden, Rookwood Sculpture Exhibition, Sydney, NSW
2013 Sculpture 2013, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2013 Waiheke, Community Art Gallery, NZ
1012 Inspiring Artists, recipients of Pat Corrigan Artist’s grant, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW, AU
2011 & 2012 Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011, 2012, Melbourne, VIC, AU
2011 Willoughby Sculpture Prize 2011, NSW, AU
2011 Sculpture 2011, Brenda May Gallery, NSW
2011 Small Sculpture Prize, Waiheke, Community Art Gallery, NZ
2010 Blake Prize Director’s Cut Exhibition
2010 Sawmillers 2010, Sculpture Exhibition, McMahons Point, NSW
2010 ArtsCape Biennial 2010, Byron Bay, NSW
2010 Sculpture 2010, Brenda May Gallery, NSW
2009 Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi 2009, Sydney NSW
2009 Lorne Sculpture Exhibition 2009, VIC
2009 Willoughby Sculpture Prize 2009, Sydney
2009 Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, 2009, Melbourne, VIC
2009 & 2015 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, 2009, 2015, Sydney, NSW
2000 Archibald Prize Finalist, NSW Gallery, Sydney, au 
1990 – 2000 Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne, 1990 – 2000
1992 – 2005 Portia Geach Memorial Awards Finalist, 2005, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1996, 1992, Sydney NSW 
1996 Redlands Westpac Invitational Art Prize, 1996 Sydney NSW
1992 – 2003 Salon des Refusés, SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney 2003, 2001, 1994, 1992 
1996 Kedumba Drawing Award, Great Western Highway Wentworth Falls 
1994 Imagine, SBS Television, documentary program on art, 1994 Australia 
1997 – 200 International Works on Paper Art Fair, Sydney 2000, 1999, 1997 
2001, 2000 The World Festival of Art on Paper, Slovenia 2001, 2000
2015 – Runners, Foyer Exhibition Space, Willoughby; 2014 – MX Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2013 – The Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW; 2011 – Runners, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney; 2010 – Up Space Gallery, Sydney; 2008 – “Artist in Residence at Mission”, NG Art Gallery, Sydney; 2007 – Brenda May Gallery; 2007 – BMG Art, Adelaide; 2006 – Brenda May Gallery, Sydney; 2004 – Brenda May Gallery, Sydney; 2004 – Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra; 2003 – BMG Art, Adelaide; 2003 – Brenda May Gallery, Sydney; 2002 – Brenda May Gallery, Sydney; 2001 – Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra; 2000 – BMG Art, Adelaide; 2000 – Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney; 2000 – Lister CALDER Gallery, Perth; 1998 – Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney; 1997 – Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney; 1995 – Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney; 1994 – Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney; 1992 –   Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney; 1991 – Access Gallery, Sydney; 1990 – Prints, Salon of Modern Art, Sztuka Polska
Wroclaw, Poland; 1990 – Access Gallery, Sydney; 1989 – Access Gallery, Sydney; 1984 – Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney; 1979 – Wroclaw, Open Gallery “ Zamek” Poland
2015    “Plaka”, Geelong, VIC
2015    Sculpture By The Sea, Waverly Council Mayor’s Prize 2015
2015    Sculpture By The Sea, crew nomination of the best sculpture
2013    “Configuration”, the book cover image to book by Isaac West, New York University Press, USA
2010    Australian Council, Marketing Grant Scheme, NSW
2009    Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, commended
2005    “2005 Perfect Diary Readers” Choice Award
1999    Designs for Tapestry, Victorian Tapestry Workshop, VIC
1999    Portrait of Liam Tomlin for the James Joyce Foundation
1998    Australian Council, Pat Corrigan Artists’ Grant
1996    Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Awards, NSW
1996    UWS MacArtur National Printmedia Acquisitive, NSW
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Academy of Fine Art, Wroclaw, Poland; City Art Institute Print Collection; University of Wollongong Permanent Art Collection; University of Sydney Union Collection: University of Western Sydney Permanent Collection; Deakin University Collection, Melbourne, VIC; Queensland University of Technology; The Trinity Grammar School Collection, Sydney, NSW; Grafton Regional Gallery; Telstra Collection; Print Council of Australia; Artbank; Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland; Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Australia;
Korea, France, Poland, Italy, West Germany, Singapore, UK, Japan, USA
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